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Heat recovery

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Waste heat can be defined as the heat contained in a substance rejected from a process at a temperature higher than the ambient levels of the plant. More precisely, waste heat is any source of rejected heat having a potential to be recovered and re-used economically.

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Heat recovery is the process of detaining this wasted heat (i.e. from generators) and re-using it as an energy source for another process.

Recovered heat can be used in different applications:

Water heating for domestic hot water or general heating purposes

 Electricity generation

Space cooling through absorption process

Waste heat recovery has many advantages:

Increase of energy efficiency especially when dealing with low energy conversion efficiency systems like diesel generators

Reduction of the environmental impact of harmful diffused gases

Reduction of energy consumption and cost for the utility (i.e. diesel consumption and cost)

Fast payback period

Yelloblue offers waste heat to energy solutions engineered to optimize the use of wasted energy in each specific case.