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Solar made easy

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We make solar easy

5 easy steps to turn on your own photovoltaic or solar water heating system and start saving energy and helping your environment


Step 1: Free consultation

Yelloblue will conduct a rapid study of your site location solar potential and energy consumption profile and give you a budget of the system that suits most your needs.

Step 2: Design and feasibility study

Once you decide to proceed with the proposed solution, Yelloblue will go further in the study and submit a detailed proposal including the project cost, expected energy savings, and a financial analysis.

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Step 3: Need funding?

Yelloblue will help you finance your project. Once you apply for a green loan at the commercial bank of your choice, Yelloblue can take care of all the technical and financial reports required by the LCEC in order to get the loan.

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Step 4: Installation & handing over

Yelloblue will supply and install all the components and hand you over a tested and fully operational system. Yelloblue will provide you with all O&M (operation and maintenance) hints on how to use your system in the most efficient way.


Step 5: Turn it ON

Well, this is not actually a step. You just have to start enjoying your clean energy production wether it is a photovoltaic power generation or solar water heating system. Yelloblue will recommend you eco-friendly measures, patterns, and habits that could boost your energy savings and help you have a more environmental caring lifestyle.