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Solar advantages

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Solar energy advantages

Installing a solar energy project is always beneficial, whether it is a PV or SWH, for residential or commercial/industrial fields.

Renewable and free energy source

The sun will never stop shining. Once a solar system is installed, the energy produced is totally free and most of all continuously renewed.

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Save energy, save on your bill

A solar system saves on conventional energy use.

A photovoltaic system reduces the amount of fuel used to generate electricity replacing it with clean electricity generated from the sun. 

A solar water heating system reduces the amount of electricity and fuel used to heat up domestic water.

Hence, solar systems save on fuel energy bill as well as electricity bill.

Save the environment

Generating clean energy from the sun helps offsetting greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuel.

Short payback period

The long lifetime expectancy - around 25 years - and the competitive prices make the payback period of solar systems more interesting. (2 to 8 years)

Low maintenance

Solar systems require very low maintenance which is often reduced to regular check up on some components operation and cleaning from time to time.

Noise free

Solar systems are completely silent unlike other conventional power or heat generation sources.