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Solar Water Heating Projects

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NDU Dorms

Location: Jeita, Mount Lebanon 

Execution: September 2015

Description: Student dorms

System: Collective solar water heating. 21000 L/day of hot water.


Villa Ayoub 

Location: Chmout , Jbeil

Execution: July 2017 

Description: Solar Water Heating

System: Forced Circulation System

 Mallat Residential Building

Location: Yarzeh, Baabda

Execution: January 2016

Description: 4 stories, 4 units

System: Collective SWH. 1200 L/day of hot water.

Villa H&R Boujaoudeh

Location: Baabdat, Mount Lebanon

Execution: September 2015

Description: Residential villa

System: Solar Water Heating canopy. 500 L/day of hot water.

Marbella residential building

Location: Achrafieh, Beirut

Execution: December 2014

Description: 15 stories, 16 units

System: Collective solar water heating. 3600 L/day of hot water.

NDU Cafeteria 

Location: Jeita, Mount Lebanon 

Execution: April 2014

Description: University cafeteria

System: Collective solar water heating. 500 L/day of hot water


Mallorca residential building

Location: Achrafieh, Beirut 

Execution: February 2016

Description: 13 stories, 14 units

System: Collective solar water heating. 3300 L/day of hot water

Products: U-Pipe solar collectors, evacuated tubes